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Feel free to use the scripts listed below for your site if you wish. Before you can use them, you must agree to the Terms of Use. Please do not give out these codes, send people here to get them instead. Please do not remove my comments from the codes either.

To use the scripts, copy and paste the codes to your website. Pay attention to special instructions listed along with the codes below. The codes listed below will have a colored background so you know where the code snippets are.

Simple Email Code

This code will help hide your email from bots that skim through sites collecting emails for spam.

Code Example: None... You add your email into the code so it's broken up but when displayed on your website it will look and be used normally.

Copy and paste the below code to your website. Edit the "YourEmail", "YourDomain" with your email information. Don't forget to change the extention if it's something other than .com!

<!-- Simple Email Code written by Atryeu Designs -->
<script language="javascript">
var name = "YourEmail";
var atsign = "@";
var virtual_domain = "YourDomain";
var dotcom = ".com";
document.write("<a href=mailto:", name + atsign + virtual_domain + dotcom, ">E-mail</a>");
document.write(" them to us.");
//--> </script>