Atryeu Designs » Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can you make me [insert item here]?
A. I don't do custom work currently unless I state otherwise on the homepage, sorry

Q. Can I help or send in something for your site?
A. The site is my own little project so I'm not looking for staff or submissions at this time.

Q. Can I add [tutorials, guides, etc] on my site?
A. No, unless otherwise stated, none of my content should be used on another site, cd, etc. For use of freebies such as layouts please read the Terms of Use page before using.

Q. Can we affiliate or become partner/sibling sites?
A. There will be a notice on the homepage when I begin to do this. Until then, please allow me to get my site partly up and going again before making any requests! [Posted January 1, 2010]